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This technical documentation will enable the following personnel to perform their tasks correctly. In addition, always read the appropriate documentation.

KG accepts no liability for damages caused by non-adherence to the instructions or applicable regulations. Subject to technical changes to improve the devices without prior notice.

This documentation is purely a product description. It does not represent promised properties in the sense of warranty law.

If the product is sold, disposed of, or rented out, always include the technical documentation with the product. They are designed exclusively to power asynchronous motors.

Operation for purposes other than the intended use include the connection of other electrical loads! As a result, the risks associated with the use of the machine are determined.

The risk assessment is a multi-stage and iterative process. On no account can sufficient insight into the Machine Directive be given as part of this documentation.

For this reason, seek detailed information about the norms and legal position. ID This product may cause highfrequency interference in residential zones and the user may be asked to take suitable measures.

The inverters are not designed for use in public low-voltage networks which power residential areas.

Highfrequency interference must be expected when the inverters are used in such a network. The inverters are only intended for use in TN networks.

The inverters are only designed for use on supply current networks which can delivery at the most a maximum of symmetrical rated short circuit current at Volts as per the following table: Size Max.

Personnel must have the qualifications required for the job. Immediately inform the transportation company of any damages.

If damages are found, do not commission the product. If the device is not to be installed immediately, store it in a dry, dust-free room.

Please see the documentation for how to commission an inverter after it has been in storage for a year or longer.

Opening the housing in another place or for other purposes is not permitted. Use only copper conductors.

The permissible protection class is protective ground. Operation is not permitted unless the protective conductor is connected in accordance with the regulations.

Comply with the applicable instructions for installation and commissioning of motor and brakes. Main equipment grounding markings: The main ground connections are marked "PE" or with the international ground symbol IEC , Symbol The motor must have an integrated temperature monitor with basic isolation in acc.

Parts with conductive properties inside the inverter can cause short circuits or device failure. Note for UL-compliant use additionally 2.

During installation, provide the free spaces specified in the projecting manuals to prevent the inverter from overheating.

The housing of the inverter must be closed before you turn on the supply voltage. When the supply voltage is on, dangerous voltages can be present on the connection terminals and the cables and motor terminals connected to them.

Remember that the device is not necessarily de-energized after all indicators have gone off. Before carrying out any work on the machine, observe all the following five safety regulations in the abovementioned sequence: 1.

Ensure that you also activate the auxiliary circuits. Secure against switching on. Ensure that the parts are de-energized.

Earth and short-circuit. Cover or isolate any live neighboring parts. Information Please note that the discharge time for the intermediate circuit capacitors is 5 min.

You can only ensure that the parts are deenergized after this time. You can then start your work on the inverter.

Secure the drive accordingly. Power supply and motor overload protection Observe the specifications in the electrical data of the inverter for this, see section 3.

This fulfills the requirements for semiconductor motor overload protection in accordance with the change to UL C dated May This module can be used as an alternative or in addition to motor protection with temperature monitoring as described in section 5.

KG recommends using PTC thermistors as thermal motor protection. Observe the terminal description X2 for proper connection, see section 5.

Braking resistor If the inverters will be fitted with an externally mounted braking resistor, separate overtemperature protection must be made available.

Branch circuit protection An integral solid state short circuit protection does not provide branch circuit protection. If you would like to branch the output of the inverter, branch circuit protection must be ensured in conformity with the instructions of STOBER, the National Electrical Code and all additional applicable local regulations or equivalent specifications.

KG, only risks for electrical shock and fire hazard were investigated. Aspects of functional safety were not assessed.

The fuse must be approved in accordance with UL Information refers to important information about the product or serves to emphasize a section in the documentation to which the reader should pay special attention.

Considerable material damage can arise from a reduced electrical strength of the DC link capacitors when switching on.

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Action LГјnen

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